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We provide high quality CBD-infused products to promote natural health.

Our History

Hippie Cures is a Texas-based business that keeps helping others in mind. We ethically source the finest CBD from the United States, and we value the relationships that have developed along the way.

After years of having back issues, I was forced to have back surgery. This helped with the pain but was told I would need to take medication to help with the pain. I refused to take any medications and relied on holistic healing. After years of trying with natural cures I was still having a hard time with pain and returned to the doctor. While sitting in the waiting room I read an article about the benefits of full spectrum CBD. The article had several people’s testimonials of how it had helped them alleviate their pain without prescription medication. After leaving the doctor's office, I ordered the CBD full spectrum and mixed it with a natural salve my wife makes and used it on my back. I could not believe the results. I had no pain in my back or neck.

I introduced it to my family and friends that had arthritis and now they use it all the time. Some have stopped taking pain medication all together. It has been a passion for me and my wife to help other people with all-natural products that help the body.

Live life everyday!

Who we are​

We are a Texas-based company that combines the beneficial properties of plants with the healing and pain-reducing power of CBD (cannabidiol). We source our herbs for our products from all around the globe to get the highest quality possible, but all of our products are made right here in the USA.

How it started​

We decided that the general public needed easy access to healthy teas and bath and beauty products that have the extra calming and pain-relieving power of CBD oil. We began experimenting with CBD in healing salves, and once those were proven effective, we set off to create an entire line of products that highlight the benefits of CBD.

What we offer

Currently, our product list includes CBD-infused teas, healing salves, soap, lip balm, and bath bombs made with essential oils, herbs, and the finest CBD oil to maximize the benefits of all the ingredients.

Our Vision

We hope to expand our product line to include many more teas, bath, body, and beauty products that feature the healing power of CBD. We are constantly innovating and creating new recipes to offer our customers.

From Farm to Finish

From the moments our hemp seeds are harvested, we make sure to guarantee the best quality possible. Sourced from certified farms, our CBD is grown with the utmost care. Then, using state-of-the-art facilities, our CBD is extracted in its purest form, converted to the appropriate concentrations, and tested for defects to ensure only the highest quality, uncontaminated CBD makes it into our products and onto the shelves. We use a third-party laboratory to test our CBD for safety, quiality, concentration, and purity, to ensure that there are no pesticides, heay metals, or other contaminents in our products.

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